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“Hi my 3 boys are doing there on line…”
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Hi my 3 boys are doing there on line tuition with Ashby Knights the teachers are brilliant explain everything in detail..cant complain ..thanx you

“An excellent organisation with great potential for any child”
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An excellent organisation with great friendly staff. A fantastic place to send your children who are managed and guided in a brilliant manner at all times.

“Would recommend highly to parents”
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Would recommend highly to parents. Qualified, professional and friendly teachers who are very supportive. My daughter has improved and her confidence levels have increased. Also keep me up to date with her progress.

“I find they service very effective for…”
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I find they service very effective for students who are wanting to learn but are finding a little difficult in some areas, they are efficient when dealing with any request made by a parents such as giving feed back on how the children are doing in their classes.

“An amazing tutoring company”
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An amazing tutoring company. Their approach is very unique and very engaging. I would highly recommend them!

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Initial Thoughts on How to Study a Novel

Rob Cavender Rob is the Director of Learning at Ashby Knight Education.Initial Thoughts on How to Study a Novel Studying any novel is a significant undertaking and any in-depth study of a novel for examination will require a considerable amount of study in addition to that which one might undertake in a half-term’s work in school. As a starting point, however, there are three key elements on which you should focus your attention.Narrative StructureWhen we discuss


Support your child in making educational & career choices

As a parent / carer, you have a lot of influence when it comes to education and careers decisions for your son/daughter. Unfortunately, the choices open to your child today, may be very different from the time when you were in their shoes. Everything has changed; the exam and educational systems, options available, working patterns and the type of jobs now on offer are now very different as technology evolves. It is therefore crucial to

Parental Tips

Secrets to achieving exceptional performance in your studies

After spending hours researching on what highflyers and exceptional students have in common, we have narrowed down to 2 crucial secrets to achieving excellent performance in your studies; high positive self-expectations and a healthy lifestyle.Set high self-expectations mixed with a positive attitudeVarious researches have proved that that expectations students/pupils have about themselves have a significant impact on their attainment. Researchers have also noted that students/pupils with a positive attitude, have a growth, achievement-driven mindset that

Study / Exam Tips

Home Learning Strategies

A quick guide for Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 studentsWith schools and colleges across the UK now predominantly closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyone is scrambling to find strategies to stay engaged, learning, healthy and happy during such unforeseen and unprecedented times. Here’s some emergency tips to help you start your own temporary home schooling adventure. One of the key messages most schools & colleges have been sending to Year 7, 8,

Study / Exam Tips

How ‘not’ to motivate your child!

With the entire world of education in turmoil due to coronavirus, school-going students will need every bit of encouragement from their loved ones. We just thought of highlighting a number of ways to avoid unknowingly annoying them and dampening their confidence. Unnecessary irritations from parents/carers could negatively impact their chances of academic success.1. Overly repeating negative statements or phrases. For instance, “How much revision have you done?”, “Why are you not studying?”Try to find nicer,

Parental Tips
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